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Penis Fat Transfer Treatment

Penis Fat Transfer therapy is a cosmetic procedure which is also known as lipofilling, during the procedure fat is extracted from the other parts of the body through liposuction and purified then these fat cells are injected into the penile shaft to improve the girth and length. This procedure is generally performed by highly skilled and certified professionals.
Penis Fat Transfer Treatment

MENZ Clinic® for Penis Fat Transfer

MENZ Clinic® is working for the sexual benefit of men there is a variety of treatments offered at MENZ Clinic® for erectile dysfunction. The most common treatment MENZ Clinic® offers its patients is penis fat transfer. Dr. J MD has specialized in erectile dysfunction treatments and performs this treatment with his experienced coworkers. MENZ Clinic® is the best place in Orlando Florida for penis fat transfer treatment, Dr. J MD focuses on his patients’ requirements and is desperate to help them achieve their goals, improve their sexual health and lead a more confident life.

Believe us MENZ Clinic® would be the best choice for men who want to have penis fat transfer in Orlando. Dr. J MD and the others are looking forward to serving you.

Penis Enlargement
Penile Enhancement

Penis Enlargement Fat Transfer Treatment

Thousands of men aren’t satisfied with the size, girth, and overall look of their penis, but they are not willing to go through any surgery and are reluctant to fillers as well. Penis fat transfer is the best option for them. The procedure of penis fat transfer is done with the fat drawn via liposuction from the patient’s body, a purification process is performed and after that, these fat cells are injected into the penile shaft to enlarge the penis. Fat is extracted usually from the thighs or abdomen. There is no possibility of allergies as the patient’s own body fat is used for this procedure.

Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting for Penis Augmentation

Consult an experienced specialist who has a record of performing such procedures. Penile enhancement with fat transfer, penis fat transfer, or penile fat grafting should be done after discussing your issues and goals with the specialist. Extracted and purified fat from the patient’s own body is injected into the base of the penile shaft. This process is critical and should be performed with expertise avoiding any lump to be formed. After the fat is injected it should be manually adjusted so the fat will be properly distributed equally all over the shaft. Once the fat is injected the incision should be covered with a bandage to heal.

Benefits of Penis Fat Transfer

Penis fat transfer has several benefits and men are happy with the procedure.

  1. Minimal invasive procedure: no cutting, stitching, or major surgery involved
  2. Outpatient procedure: once the procedure is done the patient is discharged within a few hours
  3. Increased girth and width: this improves penis appearance and boosts sexual performance
  4. Minimum to no side effects: fat transferred to the penis is extracted from the own body so there are no side effects, the procedure should be performed by an experienced to avoid any risk
  5. Reduce erectile dysfunction: treatment help them overcome ED and have a better erection
  6. Minimal downtime: after the procedure, the patient can resume their normal work routine within a week
  7. Boost confidence: men who had penis fat transfer stated that they feel more confident and are having better sexual performance

Dr. J MD Board Certified Physician

MENZ Clinic® works under the guidance of Dr. J MD, certified by the American Medical Board Dr. J MD has spent more than 25 years in medicine and is still researching for bringing more innovations in cosmetic treatments. Dr. J MD has specialized in the sexual wellness of men and all the procedures offered at MENZ Clinic® are totally monitored or performed by him. If you are suffering from any disorder or are willing to have a more enhanced sex drive don’t hesitate to consult Dr. J MD, he and the staff will listen to your queries and offer you the best treatment according to your desire. You can call MENZ Clinic® for a complementary consultation and appointment about penis fat transfer in Orlando Florida.

It is suggested to wear loose underpants, avoid lifting weights, strictly avoid sexual activities for a few weeks and follow all the instructions provided by your healthcare provider.
Penis fat transfer procedure should be performed by an experienced professional to avoid all kinds of risks, your healthcare provider should be careful not to inject extra substance otherwise it’ll result in lumps, bruising, or swelling unless your body adopts the fat injected.
Men who are in perfect health, non-smoker, and not a potential drinker, adults above 18 years who want to enhance the girth and length of their penis, and men having realistic approaches and expectations from the treatment.
Most patients require at least 24 hours for initial recovery after that it is suggested to avoid lifting weights, exercising, and walking for about 14 to 15 days.
You should consult an experienced physician for the treatment, your healthcare provider will guide you for the treatment plan.
If you are looking for enhancing the size and girth of your penis and want to get the best services in Orlando there is no clinic better than MENZ Clinic in Orlando. Dr. J MD has all the expertise in men’s sexual health.
Men living in Kissimmee or any city near Orlando consult MENZ Clinic Orlando where penis fat transfer, penile enlargement, and many other treatments are offered to enhance the length and girth of penis.

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